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After a forced break due to the pandemic, Attractha is back with the release of the single “The Chase”. Away from the stage since November 2019 when they ended the tour of the previous album, they return with full force with a single that they consider “The tip of the iceberg” ending 2022 and starting 2023 with a new record.

The theme of the lyrics somewhat anticipates the concept of the upcoming album, which travels through the universe of terror, speaking specifically in this single of demonic possession and the capture of souls to hell. The lyrics are by the well-known drummer Humberto Zambrin. The drums were recorded at the infamous Mad Studios in São Paulo and the rest at the equally well-regarded Daga Music House, by Malta drummer Adriano Daga. All recording, direction, production, mixing and mastering were in charge of Daga, who signs the same for the album. Check out the video clip below:

About the track, Zambrin told a curiosity: “The idea for the clip came from a joke between the band members in the WhatsApp group. We started traveling on the idea and exaggerating, making fun of horror movie clichés. Almost everything was materialized in the recording. On the day, we went through several scares!! It was a lot of fun and a lot of work,” he commented. With “The Chase” the group marks their return to the scene.

Attractha is:
Cleber Krichinak – vocals
Ricardo Oliveira – guitar
Guilherme Momesso – bass
Humberto Zambrin – drums


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Check it out our version for N.I.B.:



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We would like to thank every single individual who joined us in this show, clapping, singing, banging or whatever, last July 23rd in São Paulo!

See you soon!img_7807


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Follow the documentary that shows how we didi all the pre-production, recording and release of  “No Fear to Face What’s Buried Inside You” from our YouTube Channel!


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