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The beginning…
The band AttracthA was established in Sao Paulo City, Brazil in 2007 by Ricardo Oliveira (guitars) and Humberto Zambrin (drums). The goal was to create a segmentation free metal music, by taking advantage from their individual and different influences.

Leonardo Martins was invited to be the bass player and they strated to look for a voice for this band. The process was hard, complex and time consumming. Several singers performed with the guys over the years and the band productivity were very low that time due those changes. In 2011 they decided to stop the band activities due to this lack of a singer.

In the middle of 2012 Ricardo took the decision to reunite the band again. Leonardo was out and Humberto was in. The singer Marcos de Canha accepted the challenge and after few months, Guilherme Momesso was chosen to be the bass player.

With this fourmation the single “Darkness” was released in December of 2012 and in one week it was part of regular songs from tree Brazilian web Radios – Web Rock Station, Rock Freeday and Shock Box.

The first release…
This single opend the doors for the first release, the “Engraved” EP, in February, 2013. With four original songs prepared during 2007 to 2010. This register was spread all over the world, achieving more than 10 countries like Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, France, United Kingdome, Spain, Germany, Mexico and Czech Republic, besides Brazil and it received very good feedback from almost al places.

In Brazil, it was appointed as a success for many important media specialists as BMReviews, Metal Samsara, Van do Halen, Heavy Metal Brazil, Arte Metal, Whiplash among others. It was also classified as “Special Feature” from Roadie Crew Magazine, the most important Heavy Metal magazine in Brazil.

During 2013 and 2014 the band was interviwed by several important TV and radio programs, including live performances. Rock My Life, Volume Máximo (UOL), KazTv, Fan Backstage, All that Metal, and others are just examples. The also performed several shows in Sao Paulo, mainly as Blackmore Rock Bar, Manifesto Bar and Gillan’s Inn.

The first video…
With the good job on sharing band’s material the need of having more material was increasing and specifically video material. So, the band decided recording the first video of the career. For that the song “The Choise” was chosen.

The production was in charge of Humberto Zambrin and all filming and edition by VJ Scan, a known VJ from Brazil. It was filmed at Cantareira University in Sao Paulo and was launched in March, 2014. The video proposal is very agressive with fast cuts giving to it a “trailler” visual and it had more than 12.000 views during the first 6 months.

Changing plans…
In August, 2014 Attractha started the new albuns pre-production process for the new album that should be launched in 2015 but during the first sessions Marcos de Canha decided leaving the band to take cabe about personal issues. Due to this, the pre-production changed to a new singer audition process.

A new singer was chosen in November same year. Cleber Krichinak from Kings of Steel (Brazillian official Manowar tribute) was the chosen one and with only 3 rehersals he took the lead on singing his first show at Manifesto Bar in Sao Paulo. Cleber was presented to the audience in March, 2015 trough the single “Unmasked Files” that will also be part of a new album.

After few concerts the band entered the studio to start working on the new songs and in March, 2016 they closed a deal with Edu Falaschi (former Angra, Almah, solo) as a producer for the new album. The pre-production happened in March and April and the recordings started in May. It was entirely recorded in Brazil, mixed and mastered in Los Angeles, CA, USA by Damien Rainaud (Fear Factory, DragonForce and Babymetal) from Mix Unlimited. The album brings 9 songs and was digitally released by Dunna Records in all platforms in September. As part of the plans, the physical CD will be released in Brazil by Shinigami Records and now the band is looking for options to do the physical launch in other countries as well.

ATTRACTHA - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2016